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Fitzgerald, Francis Scott - The great Gatsby (3) scaricato 6 volte

“The great Gatsby” by Fitzgerard

Gatsby is as a baryonic heroes which are dandy man. Representation of a great elegance but also a mysterious man and a meditated existence. Baryonic hero contemplated nature. Gatsby contemplates a woman. Époque of prohibitionism. Reestablish a kind of puritanism, illegal affairs. Ha lived during the jazz age. There’s the search of fun. The traditional family stop to exist. Daisy and Mr. Buchanan stay together to continue their social life in an upper class. Feelings are important only for Gatsby because he sacrifice his life for Daisy. Gatsby is the romantic characters because he gives importance to relationship. His goal is conquer Daisy again, he wants to live again his past. Moral code was not respected. They want to be free to experience what pleasure is. They didn’t want to be inferior to anyone else. Daisy is indifferent around Gatsby. She is afraid not for rumors but she is afraid about the past of Gatsby. Daisy is afraid by Gatsby origin and for this reason she continued to stay with her husband. Only have fun is important, superficiality is the only value. Daisy didn’t follow Gatsby. She is indifferent in front of the death of the woman who she killed and Gatsby protects her. At the funeral of Gatsby only Nick and the father of Gatsby were there. Nick is the narrative voice, he understand Gatsby and that he is not superficial. Gatsby fascinates Nick. Gatsby is simply a number.
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