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“The Burial of the dead”

“Cruelest month” new cycle of nature, rebirth of nature. Cruelest because in a waste land is impossible a rebirth. They are obliged to start a kind of rebirth is difficult for someone who lived in the modern age. In a waste land rebirth is impossible. In spring there are flowers and gentle rain. Chauser is a negative way. The past is not significant for Eliot. “April Cruel” to represents a kind of responsibility. There are contrastive images: what is produced and what is experienced. Lilacs represent sterility, they rule. Dead could desolated. The image of life “City” is London. “waste land” different quotation and languages. “Unreal city” evoking real condition of human beings. Optimism politeness people walking on the street. Mentioned by Blake. People crossing the London bridge. Fogs makes impossible the visual of buildings. City not different from the city described by Dickens. You cannot distinguish style now. Unable to have light in her eyes. No enthusiasm, no dignity. They are walking as if they are dead. Nothing positive in existence. Exploitation, there are people alienated. They are similar to dead people. Unreal city, sterility is everywhere is impossible to experience bed life what it offers. In Eliot’s poem there’s a sort of climax, total fragmentation, they are together but they feed lonely. Death is pervading life. There’re not effects of the industrial revolution. There’s indifferent similar to the Eveline one. There’s the point of view of Eliot. Boudelaire: spleen opposite state of the ideal. No possibility to react (ideal). It’s impossible to wake up, no positive elements. No kind of solution. Describe the situation of a city. April is described as a cruel month because there’s the rebirth but for who live in London this rebirth is impossible. The mind of this people is broken because of this first world war. London is the typical modern city. There are some quotation from other authors who describe London. Sufferance and indifference. Modern age is described as an age of sterility. “lilacs out of the dead land” this verse is in contrast with April which is the month of rebirth. It’s a period of sterility because people cannot react. The reason why this happens are: first world war and progress. Psych analysis escapes that people cannot make something. It’s also a chaotic period.
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