Video appunto: Dickens, Charles - A tale of two cities

“A tale of two cities”

“A tale of two cities” by Charles Dickens is a historical novel set in London and Paris that narrates the vicissitudes of a French family, the Manettes, on the background of the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror.
Dickens uses a great technique of realism, in fact, the descriptions are detailed and realistic: for example, the way in which the author describes the social and economic reality of the French people is very realistic.

Dickens makes a harsh social criticism, often characterized by some hint of sarcasm, against a corrupt aristocracy that is convinced of its own superiority because of the "color" of the blood.
We can find many themes that are characteristic of Dickens’s novels, as poverty, the oppression of the afflicted, and the helpless, justice, redemption, love and filial devotion we also find them here, mixed with adventure, intrigue, mystery, the innocent thrown in jail for no obvious reason.
Moreover, in his novel, Dickens deals with the theme of dualism. On one side the figure of Lucie Manette who embodies the petty-bourgeois ideal female, sweet and compassionate, on the other hand, Madame Defarge is instead a bloody and vindictive woman and is the embodiment of a disfigured femininity.
Lucie's husband, Charles Darnay, is a man devoted to justice and the sense of obligation, French aristocrat expatriate in England, however, Sydney Carton, is an uninhibited British lawyer