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Dickens - Hard times

The novel Hard Times [was written down in 1854 and] tells abot the condition of England infact it’s a social novel. This the only novel in which the setting isn’t London. In fact it is set in an industrial town, that doesn’t exist: Coketown (the city of coal=carbone).
The protagonist of the story is Gradgrind, a teacher and a founder of a school, who believed in utilitarian values.
He had two childrens: Tom and Luisa. Gradgrind made Luisa marrie a rich man, who can give her a good material life.
Later in the town arrives James who is interested in Luisa, in opposition to her husband. He tries to seduce her and he asked her if she wants to run away with him. She at first accepts, but then she goes to her father to say that he made her marry a man that made her unhappy. So the father let him marry James.
[Coketown is a town defined by its work and industrialisation, emphasises by the "interminable serpents" that endlessly coil upwards and also the monotonous nature of that work that is necessary to keep the fortunes of characters like Mr. Bounderby increasing. Coketown is therefore essential as a setting epitomising the negative aspects of industrialisation and the mechanisation of the human soul. The description of Coketown makes it clear that it is not a place of enjoyment or pleasure or nature - rather, the only thing it encourages is dull, repetitive and endless labour.]
Dickens wrote this novel as a protest against industrialisation and explained how it was danger turning humans into machines and denying their creativity and imagination. Dickens uses a language rich in details and poetic in descriptions.
The description of the city appeals to the sens of sight (colours=red, black, purple), hearing (racting and trembling) and smell (smoke); then the language is sensorial. The writer also uses repetition to emphasises the repetitive of the life in mines. Furthermore Dickens says that all the places look the same, except from the church.
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