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Main classes of the regency period

  • Aristocracy:

      they have huge incomes that they passed down to the eldest child
      they aim maintain the privilege keep to themselves
      they don’t want to mix the blood
      they inherit properties
      they felt superior than all the other people
      they are more well mannered and richer
      conscious of their superior rank
      example: Lady De Bourg and Mr Darcy
  • Gentry:

      they inherit lands and properties, fortune in form of lands, land owners
      they are the middle class
      they compete with aristocracy, they try to improve their figure
      they follow strict rules about clothing, courting, traveling and manners in general (fixed code of accepted rules)
      they have servants and governances
      they don’t work for living
      they felt superior to lower classes
      example: Bennet

  • emergent class:

      doctors, commercialist, industrialist
      they’re not poor but they work to live, they invest their capitals

  • farmers: ex: Mr Martis, Slighting by Emma

  • domestic servants and town workers
  • The Bennet’s family appears well-mannered but they are superficial; they hid this part in front of people, they seem aristocratic. At the ball, anyway, the three youngest girls don’t behave well.
    Mr Darcy seems rude, he doesn’t want to mix classes, he has a good capability to understand people.

    Women were considered not well educated (they couldn’t continue to go to school as long as men)quick tempered and submitted to their husband. Women without an husband hadn’t a money support. To women is asked to play piano, dance, sing, draw

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