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He was born in London in 1757 in a humble family and supported the French Revolution. He was influenced by the Bible, which is a total vision of the world for him. He had three features in his own life:
-he is an artist because by the age of ten years old he was sent to a drawing school where he knew the works of Raphael and Michelangelo. Then he studied at the Royal Academy of art and created a new kind of art which emphasized the power of the imagination.

-he is a romantic poet because he hates the conventions imposed by civilization and he is convinced that the intellect destroys the imagination.
-he is a visionary man who thinks that the war can destroys the social coventions; he advocated even the female freedom.
He died in London in 1827.

'Songs of innocence and songs of experience'

They are two collection of short lyrical verses which can be read together and are published in 1789 and in 1794. For Blake the Innocence is a state of freedom and happiness with is associated with childhood. The language is simple and musical because the studies came from by Bible; in fact he tells that the poet and the child have the imagination that catch the private things.
Experience is the corruption of the Innocence and it is associated with adulthood. The tones are dark and threatening.
He was aware that "innocence alone cannot reach the wisdom and recognized the important role of experience in the development of the soul".
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