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William Blake – life, works and main features of his poetic

William Blake was one of the most important English Romantic poets. He was born in London in 1757, from which he will never move. He was the son of a small tradesman. He started to show his artistic passion and inclination during his teenage working as an engraver. He developed his own original engraving technique called “Illuminated printing”, that consists in a method of printing which combines the painter and the poet, because Blake though that a book was an ensemble of art and poetry.

William Blake’s most famous works are “Song of Innocence” and “Song of Experience” wrote in 1789 and 1791.
But he also wrote other works in which he is like a prophet. These works are characterized by the use of symbols that are hard to decode because they are based on the poet’s own inner life and metaphysical conception.
The title of his works shows the two opposed (but complementary) states of the human soul, in fact, the two poems should be read together.
Moreover, William Blake considers “Innocence” as a state of freedom and happiness associate with childhood (that is not corrupted by society); instead, “Experience” represents the corruption of Innocence. But Innocence cannot reach ultimate wisdom alone: so, Experience has the important role of developing the soul.
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