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William Blake

The lamb

There is a narrator who puts questions. He is a child as the poet, so we can say that Blake puts questions. He doesn’t know the nature of the lamb which is innocent as a child. The poet wants to rediscover the meaning of creation.
The lamb is in a perfect place where you can contemplate happiness, an uncorrupted place where purity rules everything.
The tyger
The tiger lives with the lamb in the Eden. The tiger has a positive energy and it represents experience. These two animals are complementary in human existence.
When imbalance starts the corruption destroyed life in the garden of Eden. It’s necessary rediscover innocence and purity when Blake lived. He denounces the industrial revolution. Every revolution is a fail, there’s not freedom. He is fascinated by nature.

Chimney sweeper

Chymney sweeper is an innocent child, it’s a strong criticism to the industrial revolution, the child is obliged to work. With the word snow we identify the period, it’s winter, it’s used to emphasize the sufferance. There’s the contrast between the black of the child and the white of the snow.
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