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what is a sonnet?

Sonnets is a literary text, that consist of fourteen lines and have a specific rhyme scheme. This form of poetry was born in Italy by Giacomo Da Lentini, but the author who wrote more sonnets was Francesco Petrarca.

The sonnets is formed by two quatrains and two tercet, the quatrains are call Front and the two tercet are called sirma.

The ryhme scheme is for the quatrains ABBA , and for the tercet CDE CDE, CDC DCD, CDE EDC.

The object is curtens love, when the man loves the worn but her not, love, boy, man , lady and someone to special.

On the ninth line there is a turning point ( the aim of poet) , it’s introduced by : but, than and yet.
The turning point can change the tone of the poet and the situation.

William Shakespeare change something in the Italian, sonnet, infact him, respect Petrarca’s division but he change the 4° lines, and the two thirteens .

Petrarc’s rhyme scheme : ABBA, ABBA, CDE , CDE.
Shakespeare rhyme scheme: ABAB, CDCD , EFEF, GG.

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