Romanticism (1798)

Romanticism wasn’t considerated a movement for the contradictions it had.
The most important characteristics are:
- Prevalence of poetry and prose
- Nature seen as a key point; it was revaluated as centre of interest, a good mother or a place of comfort, a place of inspiration. The poet study not only his beauty, but also the emotion that causes in his sense.
It is also a place with primitive instinct (Rousseau), so it is also violent.
- Revaluation of childhood – in the past was consider a time to overcome in a short time to be mature; now was definite like spontaneity, innocence, honesty, purity – synonym of happiness ant it’s important to maintain it.
- Escapism was the tendency to abandon the ordinary life for the disillusion of the French revolution, but also for the changes caused by industrialization, that create corruption. Resulted in travelling, a lot in Italy, Switzerland to stay in beautiful natural landscape.
- The romantics conserve the ideals of fraternity, equality and solidarity: revaluated the popular life, because live in contact with nature.
- The position of the poet change. During the classicism the poet was consider a form of teacher, how to live in society. Now like a prophet, a man that can help the reader to explore the world of imagination, fantastic.
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