Video appunto: Christopher Marlowe e le caratteristiche dei personaggi del suo teatro
Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe was born in Canterbury in the same year as Shakespeare 1564. He attended the Cambridge University and he moved to London in 1587 in order to become a playwright. He died very young, only 29 years, at the beginning of Shakespeare’s career, probably in a tavern fight, or political reasons because he was thought to be a spy for the kingdom.
Still, he had already written a lot of play: Tamburlaine the Great—The Jew of Malta—Edward II—Dido and Queen of Carthage. Characteristic of characters is that they have in common the proud rebellion against human limits such as we see in Doctor Faustus in which Faustus, the main character, wants to have unlimited power and knowledge in order to have that Faustus is ready to everything, even to sell his soul to devil.

Marlowe's Characters
Unlike of Shakespeare’s characters, those of Marlowe are centres on ambitious and wish to have unlimited power and knowledge as in
Doctor Faustus and Tamburlaine, in which is clear the natural tendency of protagonists to reach fame and prestige. Besides they are generally placed within a recognisable moral framework that according to some critics makes Marlowe’s dramas highly schematic and mechanical, as a typical medieval morality play.