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The word tragedy comes from the greek word "tragos", meaning "goat", and odè, meaning "song".
The goat was considered a lascivious animal, sacrificed by the ancients who intended in this way to obtain purification from all their sins. This sacrificial rite was generally accompanied by singing. Some of the main features of the classical tragedies are:
* The prologue which sets the scene of the story, introduces thr characters and the main themes;
* The chorus, which in classical Greek drama is a group of actors who comment on the main actions or advices the main characters;
* The Aristotelian unites, one time, one action and one place;
* The concept of caritas (a Greek word which means "purification");
* The solemn style and the elevated language;
* The rapresentation of the struggle between good and evil;
* The heroes, who are never common people but kings, princes, warriors;
* There is generally a villan who is guilty of some action which he must expiate through death.
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