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Daniel Defoe
Daniel Defoe was the first important writer of novels in the Augustan Age. He had an irregular and stormy life. His was an age of violent political and religious and controversies. We know, for example, after the Restoration 1660 the relations between the king and parliament were never easy. For this reason, the background was ideal for pamphleteers; and Defoe was an important pamphleteer, which sent him to prison.
An another important aspect of the period was the development of the journalism and Daniel Defoe was an important journalist who wrote, for a periodical “the Review”, in which, even if journalism was a young art, he showed a great experience and the talent of an innate newsman. Any peace coming from his pen comes from his was effective and good to the hold the reader’s attention. His pen was engaged in the defense of ideas which he wrote in favor of whoever paid him well, but he also wrote in favor of toleration, national and religious freedom, freecomerce and higher education for women. His best work of English novel is Robinson Crusoe, his masterpiece.
Defoe wrote his works in form of diaries or fictional autobiography, with no real plot, to make them more realistic. In fact, there are a Chronological series of episodes, without a psychological development of the characters.
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