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Formule di apertura:
- Dear Sirs (per impresa o società)
- Dear Mr./Mrs. (nome)
- Dear Sir/Madame (non si conosce nome e non sappiamo che sesso abbia)

1. Thank for the interest in my product/service

Thank you for you email of 14th February showing interest in our microwaves.

2. Introduce your company and products

==> We have been producing electric appliances since 1950 and we are leader in this field in Northen Italy.
==> We are well-known for our high-quality products.
==> We can guarantee resistant, up-to-date and high-quality products.
==> We offer a collection of 10.000 posters for sale.

3. Introduce the required product

Our microwaves have been designed in order to reduce energy consumption and to be extremely fast and easy to use.
→ Eventually some prizes that the product won

4. Modelli e disponibilità

Our microwaves are available in three different colours: white, black and grey for each model.

5. Condition of sale

Our conditions of sale are as follows:

• Delivery: 30 days from the receipt of the order

• Price per unit:
→ As per our price list (come da listino prezzi)
- Model AB120: 120€ C.I.P. London (destinazione)
- Model AB121: 150€ C.I.P. London, etc.

• Payment: in 15 days from receipt of the order by draft or bank transfer
• Packing: in strong wooded cases or in strong boxes

6. Sconto

We are glad to inform you that for orders for more than 1500 pieces (not inferior than 1500) pieces, we can grant you (we are willing to grant you) a 7% discount on the total amount of your order.

→ We would like to let you know that this offer is valid only until the end of the month so we suggest you place an order as soon as possible.

7. Invio catalogo e price list

We are also sending you, in digital form (by separate mail), our latest catalogue together withour latest price list.
We are certain that you will find our prices competitive and our products up to your expectations.

8. Conclusione

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.
We look forward to receiving your order.

==> Yours faithfully,
==> Yours sincerly (se inizio con Mr./Mrs.)
==> Best regards (informale)

Name and Surname
Sales Manager

Terms: condizioni
Draft at sight: Tratta a vista
Bulk orders: Ordine di grande quantità
Sample: campione
Pattern: campione di materiale tipo carta da parati o tessuto
Premises: luogo dove il prodotto viene stoccato
Quotation: Prezzo che io offro ai miei clienti può essere più alto per tipi di produzione specifici o più basso per grandi quantità

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