Video appunto: Case histories and phrasal verbs

Case histories

A full history may be divided into sections, which also correspond to the phases of introduction, examination and initial diagnosis:
• Personal details (contact information, age, occupation marital status);
• Presenting complaint (perchè sei qua, sintomi, durata. Descrizione del dolore, cambiamento dei sintomi durante il trattamento);
• Past medical history PMH (tutto ciò che riguarda droghe, allergie, dipendenze, trattamenti);
• D
rug history;
• Family history (age, health e cause di morte dei parenti, ereditarietà)
• Social and personal history SH (tutto ciò che riguarda la social life, lavoro, abitudiniiiiI);
• Review of systems and body functions (irregolarità);
• Patients ideas, concerns and expectations ICE (ideas concerns_wha they fear the most_ and expectations_what they are aiming for and level of willingness and realistic vision of their situation_)referes to patient’s ideas, concerns and expectations

Phrasal verbs
• To look into: to investigate, to consider seriously;
• To look over: to review quickly
• To look up something or someone: to search for a precise referenze, item or fact;
• To look up to someone: to have in high regard, to admire, to respect;
• To make up something/ to make something up: prepare/inventare/fabbricare;
• To make something out/to make out something: vedere chiaramente/distinguere;