Video appunto: Workshop
A workshop is a room or group of rooms, or sometimes an entire building devoted to a particular kind of work, usually mechanical or artisanal, and usually done by hand. Groups devoted to discussion, such as seminars and creative writing groups, are also called workshops. Also, the period of time during which the group meets is also referred to as a workshop.

In the front section of Gifford Music is the showroom, with hundreds of guitars, basses, and amplifiers. In the back are the various workshops where repairs and setups are done, sometimes while you wait.
In my last year at university, I took part in a creative writing workshop. Once a week, we met for three hours and discussed the things we all had written, offering constructive criticism and encouragement.
Many children are kept in good behavior around Christmas time with talk about Santa's workshop, where, according to the myth, Santa Claus (St. Nicholas) and his elves make all the toys that will be found under the tree on Christmas morning. And young people who sit around doing nothing are often told that an idle brain is the devil's workshop, meaning that when you have nothing to do, you can easily get into trouble.
If you ever get a chance to visit a toy factory, you might think it will look like Santa's workshop, but you'd be wrong. Most toy factories are modern, high-tech, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.
Vivian's grandmother used to whistle at her whenever she was daydreaming, telling her that she'd better start doing something practical, since an idle brain is the devil's workshop.