Video appunto: Stamp and Cloakroom


The word stamp means to impress upon something with a particular mark. This can be in the form or words, a drawing, or conversation. The common phrase stamp of approval refers to someone giving a verbal or similar indication of his or her permission or okay for something.
The years had stamped lines on my grandmother's forehead.
This was the only clue we had as to how old she was.
Professor Jones has given my outline his stamp of approval. Now, I can start my final draft and not worry about my mark dropping.
The word stamp has several other meanings, as well. It can refer to walking heavily or bringing your foot down forcefully to make a loud sound. Stamp can also refer to the postage you buy when mailing a letter.
My mom hates it when you stamp your foot to get her attention. It is not a polite way to ask her for something.
I think that you will need more than one stamp to post that letter. You have a lot stuffed into the envelope, so you should put two on it.


A cloakroom is the room where you can leave your coat, bags or outerwear when entering a public place, such as a theater or restaurant.
Why are you wearing that big coat in here? You should leave it in the cloakroom. The seats in the auditorium are rather small, so there will be nowhere to put it there.
When I left the bar last night, I was in a big hurry. I didn't even remember to get my coat from the cloakroom when I was leaving. I hope it is still hanging there.
A cloakroom is often called a coatroom. However, in the United Kingdom, they only use the word cloakroom. It is usually called a coat check if there is a person working there who takes the coats and gives guests a number to collect it at the end of their visit. The process of putting your coat there is called checking your coat.
John didn't see a coat check when he entered the restaurant. He wanted to take his coat off and hang it up, but he couldn't find anywhere to do so, so he just kept it on.
I'm sorry I didn't answer your call. I left my phone in my coat when I checked it. So I couldn't answer any calls because my phone sat in the cloakroom all night!