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Madness is a state of being out of one's mind, or being insane, so it is considered to be a synonym for insanity.
Some illnesses of the Middle Ages, left untreated, caused their victims to descend into madness, as the disease affected their minds.
The author's newest book, Descent into Madness, chronicled his journey from literature graduate to the depths of his depression and addictions.
Today, madness is often used figuratively, since the term mental illness is usually preferred as less offensive. Do not confuse madness with the idea of being mad at someone or something, which simply means to be angry with.
This Christmas shopping idea is madness! I refuse to go out to the shops on the busiest day of the year, especially when it is so incredibly cold.
Several historians have attempted to discern the cause of the madness of King George III, whether he was truly mentally ill, or if he suffered from other physical conditions that made him appear irrational.


Fury is a sudden feeling of anger or rage, often destructive and sometimes fleeting. If you do something in fury, you do it with great anger. And if you are really angry, you are in a fury.
Upon hearing that he'd been dropped from the team, the player kicked the ground in fury, and stormed off the pitch in search of the team's manager.
When the verdict was announced, the crowd outside was in a fury, and police had to be called to the scene to restore order.
A Fury, when capitalized, is referring to a Greek deity who bring vengeance or justice on those who have committed wrong. Furies are gods or goddesses who are often seen bringing sudden destruction on someone or something, though they themselves might not be evil.
In the ancient Greek play, Orestes is visited by the Furies, who are seeking vengeance for his unthinkable crime.
The storms descended like Furies on the small towns on the plains, bringing destruction and tormenting the people as they wondered if their homes would be next to be damaged.

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