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An area is a part or section of a larger whole, for example, there may be an area of a nursery that is specifically devoted to flowering plants.
There was a particular area of the sentence that was giving the translator some trouble, so he took it to his colleagues for advice.
There was one area of the town in particular that the estate agent wanted to show the young couple, knowing they would fall in love with the homes there.
Area 51 is a secret, restricted place in the American west that is associated with extraterrestrials and UFOS. In American popular culture, some people believe that abductions and other strange events happen here and that a cover¬up of the real truth about UFOs is taking place in Area 51.
My uncle is constantly reading about unidentified flying objects, abduction and Area 51, but my aunt is a skeptic who thinks this is a waste of his time.
Area 51 is located in Nevada, and although the U.S. Government now acknowledges its existence, all information about it is still highly classified.


A branch is a specific subset of an area of study. Branch can also refer to a subset of a corporation or organization. It is a smaller part of a more complex whole.
I think your interest in studying biology is admirable, and I have always wished I had time to learn more about it. Which branch of biology do you like more, botany or anatomy?
The woman on the phone said rather than trying to solve the problem by calling the bank's toll¬free number, it would be better to call the branch manager, since he or she could deal with my specific issue more effectively.
An expression that means to try something new or different is to branch out. If you branch out, you are said to be doing something that you would not normally do, something atypical.
Since I always order chicken when I am dining out in downtown, I think tonight I will branch out and choose something meatless.
The apparel company had seen flagging sales during the last two quarters. They decided it would be worth the risk to branch out into outerwear to try to capture some of the market they were missing

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