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To bruise is to cause an injury without breaking the skin. The broken blood vessels under the skin create a discoloration, and this discoloration is a bruise. A bruise is often described as being black and blue. The medical term for a bruise is contusion.
Ex: The doctor told Mike's mother that he had several contusions from falling down the stairs. When she asked him what a contusion is, he explained that it's a fancy word for bruise.
Ex: My mother had to take a blood thinner for a while last year. Her hands were always black and blue because the blood thinner caused her to bruise easily.
You can have a bruised ego when someone you admire or respect makes negative comments about your ideas or work. Someone who is big and strong might be referred to as a bruiser because he looks like someone who could bruise you.
Ex: Melvin came home and went to his room to soothe his bruised ego after his boss had rejected his idea to increase sales at the store.

Ex: Seth was always the smallest kid on the playground. When he got to high school, he worked out in the weight room regularly and, after a few months, turned into a real bruiser.

Black Eye

A black eye is a bruise around one's eye. You can get a black eye from being hit in the eye or on the bridge of your nose. A black eye can also be a mark of shame.
Ex: Janet started kick boxing last year. After her first lesson, she came home with numerous bruises and a big black eye.
Ex: Last year, Philip was convicted of theft from his company. This has left a black mark on his reputation.
A black eye is sometimes called a shiner. A Black¬ eyed Susan is a flower that blossoms from late summer through autumn. It looks like a daisy, but it has yellow petals and a dark brown center, or eye.
Ex: Adam's fall from the horse left him with a broken nose and a huge shiner. He looks like he's been in a fight and lost.
Ex: The large patch of Black¬eyed Susan on Joy's front lawn remained in bloom after all of her other flowers had faded. Their yellow petals brightened the landscape.

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