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A wig is a manufactured covering made from artificial or real hair that someone wears either to change his appearance or to cover up baldness.
Ex: When Victoria was being treated for cancer, she lost all her hair because of the chemotherapy. She ended up getting a wig because she didn't want people to see her bald.
Ex: The actor had to use a wig for the play because the role called for a man with long, blonde hair, and his hair was short and black.
A toupée is a small wig that does not cover the entire head, but instead covers a bald spot.
Ex: Stuart thinks that his toupée looks so real that no one can tell that he's going bald, but it's so obvious that anyone who meets him would know the truth.
Ex: Although toupées have been used for many centuries, toupée use seems to be in decline in recent years, as more men have stopped trying to hide their baldness.


A bun is a hairstyle in which the hair is pulled back, twisted, and wrapped into a tight, circular coil at the back of the head.
Ex: Ballet dancers often wear their hair in a tight, high bun so that it stays out of their face as they turn.
Ex: Although buns are more frequently worn by women, men also use this hairstyle when participating in certain sports.
An updo is a term for any hairstyle in which a woman’s hair is pulled back and fastened away from her face and neck.
Ex: Stylists typically advise women not to wash their hair before coming to the salon to get an updo because recently washed hair is slippery and more difficult to style.
Ex: Jana usually wears her hair down, so it was surprising to see her in an updo for her sister's wedding
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