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A person's leaning is their natural gifts and abilities. In other words, a leaning is a propensity or tendency to be successful or talented in a certain area.
Ex: While Mike could never do well at school, he always had a leaning toward music. He is now the lead singer of a famous pop band and gets to travel the world performing in live shows.
Ex: I always liked dancing, but I did not realize I had a leaning toward dance until I took the dance class last fall. My teacher says I have a natural gift and asked me to perform in a competition.
If you have a leaning toward a skill or ability, that means it is innate. Something that is innate is just part of who you are and something that comes naturally to you.
Ex: For Robert, solving difficult maths problems is innate. Give him any problem or equation, and he can find the answer five times faster than anyone else, even the teacher.
Ex: Some musicians have an innate ability to play an instrument, while others have to work harder to find success. Either way, if you believe in yourself you can make your dreams come true.


The word proclivity is a synonym for tendency or inclination. It describes a person's tendency to choose or behave in a certain way.
Ex: Sam has a proclivity towards making people laugh. No matter what he says, he can bring a lot of smiles and laughter to a room.
Ex: If you have a proclivity to falling asleep, you probably should not drive at night. Night drivers need to be very alert and awake to stay safe on the road.
A synonym for proclivity is predisposition. If someone has a predisposition, or is predisposed to something, it is in their nature to act in that way.
Ex: If you have a predisposition for leadership, you might want to run your own company one day. Only specific kinds of people can be successful at having their own business.
Ex: Catherine is predisposed to like the beach. Her family always took her to the coast when she was a child, so she now feels at home by the water.
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