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Throw In The Towel

To throw in the towel is to stop trying, to give up and admit defeat. This phrase originated from the sport of boxing. The boxer's trainer would throw a towel into the ring to signal that his man was ready to give up the fight and acknowledge defeat.
Sidney decided that the relationship between himself and Olivia was going nowhere, and that it was time to throw in the towel.
I can't seem to keep the rabbits and deer out of my garden this spring. I'm going to throw in the towel for now and try again next year, after I put up a fence.
To throw in is to add or contribute something. You could throw in an idea to help on a project, or throw in some money to help a cause.
The children at my daughter's school are raising money for the homeless this Christmas. I think I'll throw in a good contribution.
You have written this essay very well, Steven, but why don't you throw in some descriptions of the things you saw on your sailing trip?


To surrender means to give up, to stop trying because you know you cannot succeed. You can surrender yourself, for example, as a prisoner surrenders to the police. Or you can surrender an object, like an army might surrender a position to the enemy.
The police surrounded the criminals' hideout and announced through a loudspeaker, "You are surrounded. Drop your weapons and surrender so no one gets hurt."
After courting her for many months, Peter told Melissa how much he cared for her and that he hoped she could return his affection; then she felt sure she could surrender her heart to him.
When you surrender to something, you allow it to control or influence you, especially your feelings or emotions.
June stopped worrying about her daughter's pregnancy and surrendered to the joy of expecting her new little granddaughter.
Max tried hard not to surrender to discouragement when publishers kept rejecting his novel manuscript; he was sure he would be a successful author someday.

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