Video appunto: Sequence and Domino Effect


A sequence is a specific order in which specific events, actions, or things follow each other. Usually, in a sequence the events, actions or things are related or connected in some way.
Josh was planning to travel to 15 countries in 30 days. He had to plan his flights in just the right sequence so that he wouldn't miss anything along the way.

It takes a lot of patience to make a homemade pie. You have to mix the ingredients in just the right sequence to get the taste right.
A sequence is a chain of things or actions, so a sequence of events describe events that share a similar cause. When one thing leads to another and another, it is called a sequence of events.
The Harry Potter book series is so interesting to me. Each book has a sequence of events that starts with a big challenge and ends with a victory or win for the good guys.
I was so surprised to learn the sequence of events that led to Mikey's music success. He started playing guitar for his friends' birthday parties and is now a famous musician.

Domino Effect

A domino effect is similar to a chain reaction. When one cause or event leads to a chain of other events, this is called a domino effect.
When Peter accidentally knocked down a book on the library shelf, it created a domino effect until all the books had fallen onto the floor in a big pile.
I never like to tell my secrets to Josh. He always tells everyone else what I tell him, and it creates a domino effect until all my friends know my secret.
The term progression is a synonym for sequence of events. When one things happens after another, it is called a progression.
To form a strong relationship is a progression. You have to start slowly by spending time together and getting to know one another before you take things to a new level.
The progression of events yesterday was so exciting. First, we went to the zoo and got to hold a baby monkey. Then, we met a famous celebrity and had our picture taken for the newspaper.