Video appunto: Toll and Motorway


The word toll refers to a payment made by a driver in return for using a specific road or bridge. The toll is generally paid to the state or local government.
I am trying to find a route that does not have a toll. I have issues with making a payment to use a road when I can travel on another one for free.
Do you have enough money to pay the toll? It is risky to travel without enough change in case you need it.

The word toll can also refer to the amount of loss or degree of damage done. This can be the result of someone's actions or a natural disaster.
The swine flu outbreak took a toll on our community. So many of our young people were put at risk that schools were closed for a week.
The death toll from the destruction of Pompeii was immense. In the blink of an eye an entire population was wiped out.


A motorway refers to an expressway, or busy road. This type of road is commonly built by the government to run between or through states. This word is commonly used in England.
During the holidays, major motorways are congested with traffic. Rather than get stuck in a traffic jam, I will take more minor routes.
Policemen seem to patrol the motorways looking for people who are driving too fast. Speeding tickets are given on these fast moving roads frequently.
Highway is a synonym for motorway. This word is commonly used in the United States.
I do not like driving on the highway because there are so many accidents. They really should put more speed traps on the road to prevent speeding.
Is there a toll on that highway? If so, how much is it? I am trying to set up a budget to follow during our vacation.