Video appunto: Refinery and Dump


A refinery is a place of work where some crude material is purified or refined. Crude oil is broken down gasoline, diesel, and propane gas in a refinery.
When a new petroleum refinery opened in our state, hundreds of new jobs were created, but we paid a price: pollution.
Table sugar is produced from sugar cane or sugar beets in a refinery, in a process that is far more complicated than most people realise.

Refinement can refer to a material that has been refined, as well as the process of refining, or any process by which things are simplified or purified. Figuratively, refinement refers to a style that is marked by high class and distinction.
What you see in a bottle of vegetable oil is the refinement of many different types of oils. They are blended, heated, and filtered in such a way that the end product is completely uniform and consistent.
Mrs. Teasdale has always been a woman of great refinement. Dinners at her home are formal affairs, at which the men are expected to arrive in black tie, and the women in gowns.


A dump is a place where waste or garbage is left. Unlike a landfill, it is above ground. Figuratively, a dump is any unpleasant, dirty, disreputable place.
Once we've removed the old, rotten cladding from the outer walls, we'll take it down to the dump before we get started on putting up the new cladding.
We looked around the restaurant dubiously. Noticing the dirty floors, the flies buzzing around everywhere, and the torn fabric on the chairs, I told my husband that we'd find another place to eat, since this place was clearly a dump.
If you are depressed or sad in general, you can say that you are down in the dumps. If your significant other suddenly breaks off the relationship without any warning, you have been dumped.
Jake said that we really should go to see Tommy today. It seems that he's been down in the dumps ever since he got home from the hospital, and he could use some cheering up.
I was shocked. After two years together, Tom dumped me, without even telling me the reason why. The worst part was that he did it with a text message that just said we were through.