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The extent of your understanding or ability in an area is your range, or how far you can go, understand, see, etc.
The soprano was known not only for the quality of her voice, but for her wide range, which gave her the ability to sing virtually any piece of music.
The forest manager tried to locate the source of the smoke, but the place where the fire had started was outside the range of his binoculars.
When something is at close range, it is very near to you or to your line of sight.
The safari tour is the most popular part of our East Africa package, as it allows you to see exotic animals at close range.
The forensics department is able to conduct studies to determine whether or not a gun was fired at close range.


To get something is to go after it or to pursue it and get possession of it; to procure it. You can also use get as a synonym for understand. For example, if you get something mentally, you understand it.

I am going to have to drive all the way back to the store to get some brown sugar. I should have checked my pantry to make sure I had the items before shopping.
It took Jada quite a while to get the meaning of the joke, but once she understood the punch line, she thought it was quite funny.
If you say you are just getting by, it means that you are having a difficult time, you are barely making it. To get by is also to do the littlest you can in order to accomplish something or survive something.
After years of lavish spending which drained all of their retirement accounts, the elderly couple was just getting by each month and had to consider selling their home to replenish their savings.
If a hurricane does make landfall, we will likely have to get by without going to the stores for a few days, so I am going to stock up on water and canned goods tonight.

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