Video appunto: Scaffold and Assist


Scaffold is the temporary structures that support workers and materials during the construction process. It is usually taken down when the building is completed, but might be used for painting or cleaning. The materials used to build the scaffold are called scaffolding.
Jim was almost injured while working up on the scaffold today.
The platform that he was standing on gave way and he fell. Luckily, he grabbed on to a lower piece of scaffolding on the way down.
I passed the new building on the High Street yesterday. I couldn't see it very well through all the scaffolding. There were beams and pipes and platforms surrounding the whole structure.
Scaffold used to mean the platform used for public executions. Although we rarely use it this way, we still have the saying to mount the scaffold, which means to begin a very difficult task.
The boss was looking for Sally today and he sounded very angry. She is going to have to mount the scaffold and go to see him when she arrives.
I have been lazy all week, but the deadline for our project is tomorrow. I'm going to have to mount the scaffold tonight! I might have to stay up all night just to finish my part.


To assist means to help a person or group. You can assist someone or something by being willing to share in the work required to reach a specific goal.
After seeing her sister struggle to tie her shoelaces, Sarah offered to assist her sister tie her shoes so they could go outside and play in the sand.
There are many volunteers who work at the local nursing home. They assist the elderly by helping them in and out of bed.
When you ask someone if you can help them, you offer your assistance. This means you show you are willing and able to help that person or people reach their goal.
George offered his assistance to the young boy in the shop by helping him pick up a box of cereal that he could not reach.
If you offer your assistance to someone in need of help, they might be there to help you when you are in a difficult situation later on.