Video appunto: Mock and Borderline


A mock test is similar to the actual test and is used to help students become familiar with the types of questions that will appear on the actual test. A mock election is one used by political groups to help predict how the real election will turn out.
We took an A Level preparation course that used a book containing several mock tests.
We all felt better prepared and got high marks when we took the actual A Level.
My school held a mock election last week. The candidates and issues were identical to those appearing on the ballot in the general election next week. We're eager to see if the results are the same as ours.
To mock someone is to imitate him in order to make fun of him. A mock¬up is a small scale model of a project such as a new building.
During the 2008 presidential election, Saturday Night Live created several skits that featured Tina Fey mocking vice¬presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
The architect presented a mock¬up of the new shopping centre that developers plan to build in our town. We could see where the shops and restaurants would be located.


Something described as borderline is barely acceptable. Borderline describes something that cannot be classified as one thing or the other.
I cannot tell you how many times my English teacher has questioned my borderline marks. He is convinced that I can do better.
My father's cholesterol levels are borderline. His doctor has suggested some changes in his diet to bring his numbers down to a more acceptable level.
A borderline is also the dividing line between two countries or states. In psychology, borderline personality is a diagnosis of a mental illness.
The county of Cornwall shares a borderline with only one other county, Devon. Cornwall's longest borderline is with the Somerset.
Treating borderline personality disorder is a challenge for psychiatrists, because the condition is marked by several moods and behaviors.