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A takeaway is a restaurant where people pick up food that they will take home to eat. US English speakers use the term take-out to describe this type of establishment. Both terms can also be used as adjectives to describe food purchased at a restaurant with the intention of eating it at home.
Ex: Since Vlad was at work until very late, he decided that he didn't want to cook, but he also didn't want to sit down at a restaurant. He decided to get a takeaway pizza.
Ex: Melissa tried to make it look like she cooked those appetizers that she brought to the party, but she really just got takeaway and took it out of its package.
Another alternative for people who would like to eat at home is to order delivery, which is when a restaurant takes the food to the person's home, instead of the person stopping by the restaurant to pick up the food. Like takeaway and takeout, delivery can be used as an adjective to describe food purchased in this way.
Ex: After waiting two hours for her food, Ophelia called the restaurant. It turned out that they had thought the order was for take-out, but she had wanted delivery.
Ex: Not many restaurants in my area offer delivery; just a pizza place, a Chinese restaurant, and a Thai restaurant.


A trattoria is a small restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine.
Ex: If you're looking for excellent yet affordably priced Italian food, I recommend that you go to this trattoria in Little Venice.
Ex: At a trattoria, you can expect Italian food that is modest but plentiful, wine sold by the decanter instead of the bottle, and casual service.
When speaking about Italian restaurants, a trattoria is more formal than an osteria, which offers simple, inexpensive food, but less formal than a ristorante, which has an upscale menu and can be quite expensive.
Ex: When you eat at an osteria, you can expect to share a table with other diners and eat local specialities like pasta, grilled meat, or fish.
Ex: Although many people think ristorantes are more prestigious, I much prefer the ambience of a trattoria or an osteria.
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