Video appunto: Time Limit and Delivery

Time Limit

A time limit is the amount of time one has to accomplish a specific task. Someone can set a time limit on a specific activity, such as a time limit for shopping or playing computer games, after which that activity will no longer be available.
I need to know whether or not there is a time limit on this offer.
If there is, I will make sure I redeem it before it expires.
Year threes in my niece's school are required to be able to complete a battery of multiplication facts before a certain time limit before they can move onto the next subject.
Time is running out is an expression that means that one does not have very much longer to do something, or that they will miss an opportunity of they do not act quickly.
I don't think that Sam realizes that time is running out for him to meet the requirements for graduation. He needs to meet with his advisor about the various deadlines coming up.
Shelby always sets a timer on her desk when she has a deadline to meet so that she can easily see when time is running out.


A delivery is the arrival of something such as a package or order. If you place an order for something, you can expect delivery on it within a certain time period. Delivery can also refer to the way in which a speech or performance is delivered. For example, someone might have prepared a good speech, but their delivery might be poor.
I have to be home before 6:00 p.m. since I expect an evening delivery of items that need to be refrigerated.
Everyone knew Jim had prepared some remarks in honour of his best friend, but no one would have guessed that his delivery would be so funny.
To deliver the goods is an expression that means to meet expectations or to come through with what has been promised.
Kathy has been claiming to be a camping expert since we started to plan our trip. Since none of the rest of us have stayed in the forest overnight, I hope she can deliver the goods.
Ashley has been offered a tennis scholarship by the university. If she cannot continue to deliver the goods because of injury, she could lose the money.