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A steakhouse is a restaurant whose specialty is beef steaks and other individual portions of meat.
Ex: Of course Yesenia doesn't want to go to a steakhouse! She's a vegetarian, and it's very hard for her to find something that she can eat there.
Ex: In our visit to Chicago we ate at a traditional steakhouse. Our meal was every bit as good as we hoped it would be.
Another type of restaurant is a buffet. At a buffet, a variety of foods are offered on trays or platters, and those who are eating serve themselves. Buffet can also refer to food service at a restaurant or an event, such as a wedding, in which guests must serve themselves.
Ex: My grandmother wanted to have Mother's Day lunch at a buffet because the variety of foods would please everyone.
Ex: When Christina and Matt were planning their wedding, they sampled meals from a number of caterers. They ended up hiring the one that was their second choice, because their first choice only offered a buffet and they wanted table service.


Eatery is an informal term used to refer to a place that serves food. It's a synonym of restaurant, but eatery implies a small, possibly family-run establishment, while restaurant is a broader term that can be used to talk about a wide variety of places.
Ex: Since we'll be downtown at lunchtime, we could stop and get lunch at this little Italian eatery on Park that my friend Charles recommended.
Ex: When Liam was in Dublin the second time, he wanted to return to an eatery that he had dined at when he had been there five years earlier, but it turned out that the place had closed down.
Another type of casual restaurant is a diner, which is a small, informal, and typically inexpensive restaurant. Often, diners have a long, narrow shape that resembles a train car, and they usually have a long counter and booths where people can sit and eat. This word in not very used in the United Kingdom. British people would call it café instead.
Ex: After midnight, the only place to get food in this town is to the twenty-four hour diner on the corner of Main Street and Fifth.
Ex: When they were in high school, Eric and Nick hung out at a diner almost every Saturday night. The food was cheap, and the waitresses never tried to hurry them out.
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