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A predilection is a special preference for something, a liking for, or a tendency to favor something.
Ex: Since John's Aunt Rhoda has a predilection for salt and vinegar chips, he always made sure they had some on hand for family picnics.
Ex: Kate is still unsure of her career path, but she has such a predilection for numbers that we are sure she will end up in accounting or another field that uses mathematics in some way.
The term bias indicates a strong predilection for something. Many times the word bias has a negative connotation, indicating prejudice rather than simply a preference.
Ex: Robert showed a strong bias towards younger people when hiring, something which concerned his superiors.
Ex: Because I do not want to be accused of bias, I always refuse to judge the speech contest for my daughter's class.


A liking for something is an inclination, preference, or desire for it. If you have a liking for a particular type of flower, for example, you are likely to choose it above others.
Ex: I know that your brother has a liking for chocolate. Do you think we should keep that in mind as we choose a birthday cake?
Ex: Since Rebecca has always had a liking for writing, her husband chose a leatherbound diary for her Christmas gift this year.
To take a liking to is to develop positive feelings for someone or to grow to like something. You can take a liking to a person you have recently met, for example, or to a new type of activity you have tried.
Ex: It looks to me as though Jim has taken a liking to the family's new dog, despite the fact that he was against the decision to take in a stray.
Ex: It was only last year after spending a summer in Tuscany that Henry took a liking to eating fresh tomatoes. The ones he could get at the farmer's market were incomparable.
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