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A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in pediatrics, caring for children and teenagers.
Ex: When Charlie and Marilyn's first child was born, they didn't know how to pick a pediatrician. The first one they went to had such a bad "bedside manner" that he made both Marilyn and the baby cry!
Ex: Paediatricians have a more difficult job than most other doctors, because their patients can't always tell them what's wrong. Especially with babies, paediatricians have to be very sensitive and observant.
There are many other fields in which doctors can specialize, and each type of doctor gets a different name. For example, a doctor who specializes in delivering babies and caring for pregnant women is an obstetrician. A doctor who focuses on issues of the nervous system and brain is called a neurologist.
Ex: Richie and Maureen have just got back from her 20-week visit to the obstetrician. Everything looks fine, and it looks like she'll give birth sometime around the 15th of March!
Ex: For several weeks now, my hands and fingers have been going numb at random times. At first, I thought nothing of it, but now I'm starting to worry. I have an appointment with a neurologist scheduled for next week, so I hope to know more by then.


A bar is a counter where alcoholic beverages and food are served. Bar also is often used to refer to an establishment where alcohol is served.
Ex: There aren't any waiters working tonight, so there is no table service. You'll have to place your orders and pick up your food at the bar.
Ex: Selma and her roommate are heading to the bar for dinner because they don't feel like cooking, and it's the only place nearby that serves food.
A snack bar is a counter or small restaurant where light meals are served, while a wine bar is a place where wine is served.
Ex: The train's dining car will close in ten minutes, but passengers can purchase chips, nuts, and other snacks at the snack bar in the lounge car.
Ex: Robyn doesn't like bars very much because she says that there's too much noise to talk, but she does like the wine bar, which has a quieter atmosphere
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