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Stay refers to the amount of time you will be in a certain location. Your stay may be one night or two months, but it is always a temporary situation.
Whenever someone finishes checking into the hotel, the clerk, Mr. Edwards, always says in his most cheerful voice that he hopes they will enjoy their stay.
The Butler family's stay in London will only be for two or three weeks. They need to get home before Christmas because they host a huge party for the local children on December 23rd.
Stay can also be used to mean to stick with or remain with something. The phrase stay the course means to keep on doing something even though there are difficulties or problems.
Bridget was going to leave her job after the winter, but she's decided to stay with it until next autumn. Then she can make a more informed decision about what she should do.
I know you're having a difficult time at university, dear, but if you just stay the course, I'm sure you'll do fine.


A host is someone who provides a place to stay, or welcomes people to a location. It can be a business such as a hotel or a private person. You are the host of a gathering in your home to which you have invited people. It can also be used as a verb. For instance, you can host relatives in your home for a week or host a party for an evening.
The restaurant manager acted as our host for the evening; he welcomed us and helped us to choose the best food on the menu, and made sure we were comfortable and happy.
I'm planning to host a large party in my house for my wife's birthday; I will invite all her friends and co¬workers.
Host can also mean a large amount of anything. It is always used with the preposition of. For example, a host of apples is a synonym for a great deal of apples.
We saw a host of antique cars travelling down the motorway. They must be going to that big car show in the city that begins tomorrow morning.
Be careful! Yesterday I saw a whole host of honey bees buzzing around that old oak tree. They must have a hive inside.

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