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To purchase means to buy something. As a noun, purchase refers to the action of buying something.
My friend Kevin purchased a new car when he was visiting home in Ipswich last week and he drove it back to Glasgow last weekend.
Thomas Jefferson greatly increased the territory of the United States with the Louisiana purchase, in which he bought land from France.
Purchasing power is the financial ability to buy products and services. It can also refer to the value of a given sum of money.
An increase in the national minimum wage would increase the purchasing power of many families and boost the economy.
The economics student is working on her dissertation about how the purchasing power of the dollar has changed over the past century.


Literally, evaporate means to turn from a liquid state into a gaseous state or to remove water from something.

Sea salt is acquired from sea water in shallow ponds which allow the water to evaporate, leaving the salt behind, which is then harvested.
It is best to use rubbing alcohol to clean your computer mouse and keyboard, since it is a powerful solvent that evaporates very quickly.
Evaporated can be used as an adjective. Recipes may call for the inclusion of evaporated milk, a thick milk product from which much of the water has been removed. Also, metaphorically, evaporate can be used to mean disappear quickly.
One of the three types of milk used when making a tres leches cake is evaporated milk. Combined with sweetened, condensed milk and heavy cream, it is poured over the still-warm cake and contributes to the cake's richness.
Police officers pursued the suspect, who ran down an alley. When they got to the other end of the alley, the suspect was nowhere to be found. A two¬hour search was unsuccessful. He had, it seemed, simply evaporated.

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