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The word skin refers to the thin, smooth outer layer of many types of fruit. In this case, it is a synonym for peel. It can also refer to the tissue that covers animals and people.
Ex: Some people peel the shiny, red skin off apples before eating them, but I prefer to eat it. It is packed with nutrients.
Ex: My skin is so red and itchy. I hope this rash will clear up, and I will look presentable in time for Kate's party on Saturday night.
The word skin can also refer to the outer layer of an animal that has been removed from the body. It might still have the fur on it, and it is usually being used to make something useful.
Ex: The early American Indians used animal skins to make their shoes and clothes. They excelled at the fine stitching needed to create garments using this material.
Ex: Fur coats made from the actual skin of animals are not as popular today as the ones using synthetic materials to mimic the look of a real animal.


The word husk refers to the dry, thin layer that covers some seeds, fruits, and vegetables. It tends to be membranous like a pod.
Ex: Will you take those ears of corn and remove the husk, please? I cannot boil them with that outer layer on.
Ex: Many seeds have an interesting husk surrounding them. You can see the fine veins running through the skin.
The word husk can also refer to any supporting or protective frame that surrounds something.
Ex: Soldiers are surrounded by the walls of their base. This serves as the husk that protects them from the enemy.
Ex: A house is the husk that holds the life and memories of a family. Their happiness and struggles are all within its walls.
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