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To capture a criminal means to catch them after they have committed a crime. Most of the time, the police will capture a criminal by force, either using physical strength or gun power.
Ex: Justin was captured in San Antonio, Texas, after police found thirty stolen television sets in the back of his pickup truck.
Ex: In order to capture the drug dealer, the police officers had to close all the roads and junctions on the motorway in the city centre.
A synonym for capture is apprehend. When police find someone who has committed a crime, they apprehend that person and take them into custody.
Ex: After spending three months running from the police, Larry was apprehended at the border. He was trying to leave the country when someone recognized him and called the police.
Ex: It was Cal's first week as a police officer, so he was nervous he wouldn't do a good job. But when he apprehended the town robber, his whole team showed him their support.


To bother is to give trouble to someone or yourself. As a noun, bother is something troublesome.
Ex: It bothers me that so many television shows rely on violence to create a story. Whatever happened to family shows like Little House on the Prairie?
Ex: It is such a bother to go to work in the winter. I must put on a coat, a hat, and boots and then wait for my car to warm up before I can even leave the driveway.
Don't bother your pretty little head suggests that girls are too delicate to take care of complicated or troubling issues. Hot and bothered can mean worried, anxious, or angry.
Ex: When my Uncle Mike thinks that my sister can't handle a problem he says, "Don't bother your pretty little head worrying about it."
Ex: My brother likes his model cars lined up in a particular way, and he gets all hot and bothered when my mother cleans his room and rearranges them. Then, he spends hours putting them back.
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