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The word pant means to gasp for air and breathe with difficulty after physical exertion. It is frequently associated with dogs.
EX: I took my dog to the vet when his panting became a problem. He should not have had so much difficulty breathing after running only a short distance.
EX: The runner panted as he crossed the finish line. After running over twenty-six miles to complete the marathon, he was exhausted.
The word pant also means to want something with great eagerness. In this case, it is a synonym for yearn.
EX: Stop panting over my piece of chocolate cake. I know you have not had any sweets in over a month, but that is mine!
EX: My sister pants over my wardrobe on a daily basis. I need to hurry and put my clothes away so they do not end up in her closet.


Someone who cannot do anything because they have no skills or ability is inept. Something that is very inappropriate or illogical can also be called inept.
EX: Orla is the nicest girl in the world, she's really a joy to be around, but when it comes to working, she's completely inept. She can't concentrate on one thing for very long, she's often late, and she forgets what she's doing constantly.
EX: Donny gave a very bizarre speech that was full of illogical statements and inept metaphors that didn't really communicate what he wanted to say at all.
The noun for inept, or lacking in skill or ability, is ineptitude. A person who is inept and does not really do anything to help a situation brings nothing to the table.
EX: After dropping the trays of food several times during my first night on the job as a waiter, I apologised to my colleagues for my ineptitude and promised to practice a bit before the next weekend.
EX: I don't think we should promote Lee to full-time status. She is kind of inept. She's constantly making mistakes that other employees have to fix, she makes her coworkers angry, and she's not even that fun to be around. She really brings nothing to the table.
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