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Speed Limit

The phrase speed limit refers to the legally assigned maximum speed that a vehicle can go on a particular road or weather condition.
You should obey the speed limit to avoid getting a ticket. It is rush hour so policemen will be looking for people driving too fast.
It can be dangerous to go under the speed limit. A speeding vehicle could hit you from behind if you are not careful.
The word speed can be used in other phrases about travelling by vehicle, as well. For example, speed bump and speed trap are commonly used. Speed bump refers to a small hill or bump purposefully built into a road to make sure that vehicles travel slowly. A speed trap is a place on the road where policemen monitor speed by a radar device.
If you drive over a speed bump too quickly, your passengers will be knocked around. It can also damage your car.
Watch out for the speed trap on Harper Drive! The policemen use radar, so you will not be able to deny how fast you were going


A fine is the charge a driver pays if he/she receives a ticket for speeding. This is a penalty for driving a vehicle too fast.
If you get stopped by a police officer for driving too fast, you are at risk of receiving a ticket with a fine. You might have to pay up to $200.00.
You cannot refuse to pay a fine for speeding. If your payment is not received it is possible that you will lose your driver's licence.
The word fine has several other meanings. For example, it can be used to describe something as high quality or better. Fine can also mean tiny or very thin.
Those sheets are made from a very fine fabric. I will admit that I spent too much money on them because I wanted the best!
The gold thread is so fine that it only creates a shimmer in the fabric. I will have to be careful when wearing it; the fabric is vulnerable to tearing.

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