Video appunto: Hail and Lane


Hail is a small ball of ice that falls with or instead of rain. It usually occurs in warm weather and it can be very small or about the size of a golf ball and often causes damage. Hail can be used as a noun or a verb just like rain and snow. Another mix of ice or snow and rain can be called sleet. In this case, sleet often occurs during winter in cold weather.

I wanted to go see a movie today, since the weather was so bad. But then I saw it was even hailing, so it might be dangerous to drive. If the hail is big enough, it could damage a car's windshield and make it hard to see.
Even though it was summertime and the weather was quite warm, there was still some hail during the storm. It must have been much colder in the clouds, so the rain could freeze.
When we stand on the side of the street and raise our hand to call a taxi, we call this hailing a cab or hailing a taxi.
I've already had several glasses of wine. I think I'm going to hail a cab and just pick up my car here in the morning. I shouldn't drive.
Hailing a taxi is much easier in New York than in Detroit. There are very few taxi drivers in Detroit and you really have to call them and schedule a pick¬up ahead of time.


The word lane refers to the part of a road that is specifically marked for single file vehicles moving in one direction. It can indicate any fixed route moving in one direction such as in a running or swimming competition or a path between bushes and houses.
The accident occurred because the truck did not stay in its lane. He slid across the road due to the freezing rain during the winter storms.
Racing in lane one is the competitor from Italy. He is a favorite to win this Olympic swimming event and is expected to produce record breaking results.
The word lane is also used in the popular phrase stay in your lane. It means mind your own business.
You do not understand the situation, so you need to stay in your lane. Get involved at your own risk!
I generally stay in my lane when it comes to people arguing about their political views. If I am asked for my opinion I try to dodge the question.