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Speeding is the act of driving faster than the official speed limit. Usually this only happens when you are driving a car.
Ex: Janet has warned us not to speed when abroad, as the police are always watching carefully and like to pull over foreign cars for that especially.
Ex: Gerry got to work quite early this morning, but not because he got up earlier—he just sped the whole way there and didn't have to wait in traffic.
Parts of the city where police are known to wait for people who are speeding and often write them tickets there are called speed traps. A person who habitually speeds is said to have a lead foot. In other words, they're always pushing on the gas pedal of their car as if their foot is too heavy.
Ex: I never drive on Salisbury Road anymore. It's a total speed trap—there are police on every corner just waiting to give you a ticket.
Ex: Fernando speeds quite often, especially when his favorite rock songs come on the radio. He has a bit of a lead foot, I would say.


To hurry is to move or do something quickly. If you hurry someone, you pressure them to move or do something more quickly.
Ex: I really tried to hurry so I could finish my work and be out by 4 p.m. I wanted to make sure I had time to have dinner and go to the gym before going to my parents' this evening.
Ex: Simon called to hurry us a bit. We were already a few minutes late and he was waiting at the theater with our tickets in hand.
Talking about hurrying you can use the phrasal verb to hurry up. It also means move or act quickly, or pressure someone to more or act quickly, but in a slightly more informal and friendly way. If you don't have a lot of time because you are trying to do or go somewhere quickly you can say you are in a hurry.
Ex: Celine asked her kids to hurry up and eat so they could get ready to go to their grandmother's house. Getting all the children ready to go on Christmas morning always takes more time than it should.
Ex: I finished the project last night, but I'm afraid it might not be very good. I was in a hurry and did not do very much editing.
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