Members, in the different types of family, relate to each other in special ways. This relationship pattern can be called kinship pattern. A family tree is a graphic or diagram that shows the kinship pattern of a family. It shows how family members relate to each other.

Family relationship or kinship pattern

Title Relationship
1) parents Father and mother
2) siblings Brothers and sisters
3) grandparents Parent's parents
4) great grandparents Grand parents of parents
5) uncles Mother's or father's brothers
6) aunts Mother's or father's sisters
7) nephews Brother's or sister's sons
8) nieces Brother's or sister's daughters
9) first cousins Uncle's or aunt's children
10) grand children A person's children's children
11) great grand children A person's grand children's children.

The family is the basic unit of any society. The family is therefore very important in every nation. Everybody belongs to a family. Every Camilo member has some roles to play. It is very important that you understand these roles. This understanding will help you to be a good contributing member of the family. It will also enable you to relate better with other family members. As a family member you should also be able to take good care of your home.

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