Video appunto: Decrease and Descend


The word decrease means to reduce, or lessen, something. It can refer to a quantity or a quality.
If you do not eat enough protein, your muscle mass will begin to decrease and you will lose your spot on the wrestling team.
Studying a little bit every night will help you to decrease your stress level the day before the test.

The word decrease can also be used as a noun that refers to the amount that a thing has been reduced or the act of decreasing.
Our decrease in sales this year can be attributed to the rise of newer and faster technology that has come to the marketplace.
I have noticed a decrease in your ability to focus in class. Maybe you should move your seat to the front of the classroom.


The word descend means to come down from a higher place. This passing to a lower place can any series of events, people, or items. Descend can also refer to something that slopes downward.
We usually have mild winters, but the forecast for this year predicts record snowfall and temperatures that descend below those of years past.
The brick path in our garden descends to a beautiful pond at the bottom of the hill. That is where we swim during the summer.
Descend can also refer to something inherited through generations. It can also refer to having a person or family in your ancestry. The word descendant is used to talk about a person who comes from a specific ancestry.
I descend from a Spanish family of great wealth and power. They built their legacy on hard work and determination.
I am a descendant of Princess Grace O'Malley of Ireland. She was one of the first female criminals of historical record.