Video appunto: Reliant and Subordinate


The word reliant refers to someone or something showing dependence on another person or thing. It is also common to say rely on to talk about the same thing. Sometimes drug addicts are referred to as reliant on a substance.
Even though I am working, I am still reliant on my parents' money to help pay my rent.
They will be happy when I can afford to pay it myself.
I can always rely on your good advice. Whenever I have a crisis, you are always there to guide me.
Reliant also means confident and full of trust. The phrase self-reliant is often used in this way and has a positive connotation.
My children are all grown up and self-reliant. My husband and I can travel and enjoy our time together with no worries.
By the age of four, we expect children to become a bit more self-reliant. They should be able to use the bathroom alone and feed themselves.


The word subordinate refers to something or someone as less important or dependent on another person or thing. However, subordinate is not used to talk about being dependent on drugs. It can also be used to show subservience or inferiority.
I have two dogs and one is in charge while the other is subordinate. The lead dog even steps ahead of the other during walks!
Research has shown that the common male fox will ignore subordinate females. They are more attracted to the dominant ones.
Subordinate can also be used to refer to someone who is of a lower rank or employed under another person.
The coffee I drink at the office is made by my subordinate. I am much too busy to stop working with clients to do it myself.
The General called on his subordinates to inform him of the troops' movements. Without this information, he would not be able to make plans for their relocation.