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Fold means bend something in half until it comes into contact with itself, and it can also refer to the point in the paper where it was folded.
Ex: When sending a business letter, it is important to learn how to fold it properly. You must fold the paper twice, sideways, so that it is in three equal sections. That is the only way to get it to fit in a standard letter envelope.
Ex: There is one picture of them together, but you can't see his face very well. There is a fold in the photo that goes right through his face, but you can tell it's him by what he's wearing.
When playing cards especially poker, if you withdraw from betting and place your cards face down you have folded. If your business ceases operation, it has folded up.
Ex: Kurt could see that Mike had a pair of tens showing and he had noticed that Mike had bet very heavily the last two times the bet had come around to him. Glancing at his own cards, he decided to fold and save some money.
Ex: When I was a little girl, my father used to take me to Pinky's Sweet Shoppe to buy comics. It was a staple of my youth, and I really liked looking at all the comics on the newsstand and buying penny sweets. Then, one day when I was about ten, Pinky's folded up and closed without notice. I never knew why.


Delight is great satisfaction or happiness. If you take delight in something, you are very pleased with it, very happy with it. Delight can also be used as a verb, meaning to make happy or to make very satisfied.
Ex: The little girls squealed with delight when they were told they could ride on the carousel. Each of them chose a favourite horse and they laughed as they went round and round.
Ex: Most broadway actors delight in giving performances to large crowds. They often say that they are energized by a crowd's response to their work and look forward to each night's show.
The word delightful means the state of being delighted. A person or thing that is delightful is charming, it brings another satisfaction or happiness.
Ex: So many people remarked how delightful the meal was as they left my sister's dinner party. I was sure to pass on their compliments to her, knowing how nervous she was about the evening.
Ex: The historic mansion provided much insight into the past, but the grounds were a surprisingly delightful place to have a picnic lunch, a practice that was welcomednby the curators.
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