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To shrink is to contract or to become smaller, more narrow, shorter or to shrivel. If you shrink something you have caused it to become smaller by some action, such as shrinking your clothes in the dryer.
EX: When someone has an asthmatic reaction, his or her airways shrink, making it difficult for the body to take in the usual amount of oxygen needed by the lungs.

EX: I was so upset that I had not checked the care tag on my new sweater. I should have taken it to the dry-cleaner, but because I washed it, it's now shrunk to the point where it no longer fits.
A shrinking violet is a person who is very shy. A person who is a shrinking violet backs away from conversation or interaction when possible, preferring to stay in the background.
EX: I would have to describe my sister as a bit of a shrinking violet, but since she has left school and moved out on her own, she has become far more outgoing and confident.
EX: The quiet executive proved he was no shrinking violet when he delivered a dynamic presentation during the business conference. It was revealed that silence was one of reflection, not of shyness.


A sneeze is an involuntary reaction characterized by the the expelling of air from your nose and mouth. A sneeze is usually associated with force and accompanying noise, sometimes with a cold or allergies.
EX: Though she tried everything she could to suppress her sneeze, it came during the most dramatic moment in the play, causing the audience to giggle.
EX: It is customary to excuse oneself after sneezing, especially at the table or in conversation, even if the sneeze is caused by allergies.
The expression to sneeze or sniff at something means to ignore or to look down upon it, or to look with disdain at a person, object, or idea.
EX: The cobbler hoped that the Queen would not sneeze at the shoes he had taken so long to craft for each of her 3 children, since her payment would allow his family to purchase warm coats for the coming winter.
EX: The high school athlete's times were nothing to sniff at since competitive runners at the college level were not much faster than her.
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