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Breathe Out

The phrase breathe out refers to the action of pushing air or any substance out of your lungs.
EX: When you are coming up after scuba diving, or resurfacing, it is just as important to breathe out toxins as it is to inhale oxygen.
EX: When my dog breathes out he makes a strange sound. It sounds a bit like he is growling from deep in his chest.

The word exhale is the scientific term and synonym for breathe out. Exhale is commonly used to talk about cigarette smoke.
EX: When my father exhales he entertains us by blowing smoke rings. The fact that he smokes cigarettes at all is troublesome, so he tries to be funny.
EX: You should exhale now. Holding your breath will increase your heart rate and can be hazardous to your health.


The word snore refers to the hoarse, scratchy sounds some people make when they are asleep. It is caused by the vibration of the soft palate.
EX: I can hear my father's snores from the next room. When his cold clears up I am hoping he will be able to sleep quietly again.
EX: I should take my dog to the vet. He snores, and it sounds bizarre. It sounds like he is chewing on nails and gasping for air.
The popular phrase snore away refers to the choice to spend your time sleeping or just being lazy. It has a negative connotation.
EX: My mother is not happy with me. She says that I am snoring away my day, and I am not productive although I am as sharp as a whip.
EX: Should I wake Tori up? I do not want her to snore away the day or hide in her room and miss such beautiful weather.
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