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Save Money

To save money is to set aside funds that you do not spend. Saving money can also mean that you get a good deal or pay less for something that you would normally pay more for.
Ex: My husband and I both think that it is crucial to teach our children that it is important to save money. Statistics show that most people live from one paycheck to the next, which is a very poor financial practice that good habits like saving can help people avoid.
Ex: Jill knew exactly what the cost of a new dishwasher would be, so she was always on the lookout for specials that would allow her to save money on the purchase.
Your savings is the amount of money you have set aside and committed not to spend. Savings can also mean the amount of money you do not have to spend when you get a special deal to pay less for something than you would normally pay.
Ex: Todd could not afford the surgery his dentist said was a necessity without raiding his savings, something that he really did not want to do.
Ex: My mother-in-law was impressed with the savings I had been able to make on all the new decor for my dining room.


A loan is money or some other object of value that you borrow for a time and pay back. A loan is usually made for a specified period of time and is often repaid with interest.
Ex: Charlie took out a loan to pay for his masters, but he will not need to begin repaying it until after he completes the course.
Ex: Our committee would like to publicly thank the Maple Leaf Nursery for the loan of the lovely potted ferns you see decorating the banquet hall this evening.
A loan shark is an individual who lends money at very high rates of interest. Sometimes, the term loan shark is associated with illegal activity.
Ex: Although it isn't a good financial practice, some people are so strapped for cash they will seek out a loan shark to get them through until their next pay day.
Ex: The loan shark, arrested for his illegal activity, tried to claim he was simply helping the poor with cash when they needed it.
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