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To explode is to blow up or burst due to internal pressure, to be destroyed. The word explode can mean both a literal physical explosion, such as the explosion of a gas tank, or it can be used in a figurative sense in which a person explodes with anger.
Ex: If a potato is heated in the microwave without being pierced, the internal pressure will cause it to explode, making quite a mess.
Ex: The young girl could not wait for the surprise party for her brother to begin; she was about to explode from all the excitement she was trying to hide.
The expression explode in your face or blow up in your face means that something you have been planning or doing goes awry and ends up hurting or frustrating you. It means that your original intentions are not fulfilled, you get a bad result instead of the one you were seeking.
Ex: Despite my good intentions, giving advice to my sister-in-law about parenting has exploded in my face so many times, I think I will finally learn a lesson.
Ex: Ron couldn't believe that his plan to surprise his wife had blown up in his face and they ended the evening in a row instead of at a romantic restaurant.

Burn Up

To burn up is to be consumed by fire, heat, or exertion. If something burns up, it is lost, it is no longer present. The term burn up usually indicates that some type of fuel is being consumed or used up.
Ex: If you keep trying to light that grill in this heavy wind, you are going to burn up a whole box of matches!
Ex: Keith has taken to walking for half of his lunch hour each day in order to burn up some of the calories he consumes at his desk. He tries to get in at least 10,000 steps a day.
To burn down something is to use it up or destroy it. When the term burn down is used, it is usually, but not always, in a destructive sense.
Ex: Chevy was devastated to learn that the restaurant where he had proposed to his wife over twenty year earlier had burned down as a result of a kitchen fire.
Ex: A simple lightning strike during the driest times of the year can ignite a fire that threatens to burn down all structures in its path.
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